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Woman in Blue Jeans

Oil on Canvas, 2022.

I'm Having a Breast Reduction
Finding Freedom by Laura Harris one thousand two hundred pounds oil painting
im up for anything

Oil on Canvas- Sold

Arms Up
Girl in Blue
I Make My Own Luck
Monoprinr 2023
Laura Harris Only Fans
Arms Up
Girl in Orange
And Just Like That
Life Is Not Always Whar you Expect

Oil on Canvas, 2018

A Woman of Many Talents
Lauren I Love My Big Boobs Laura Harris
_8009536 (1)
New Boobs
Meghan and Harry The Great Escape

Laura Harris' work is based around the female form and what it’s like to be a woman of a certain age. Insecurities that women have in the present, fears and hopes for the future and achievements and regrets of the past. The artist is particularly interested in ideas surrounding societal norms, body augmentation and reality TV.

The artist is nostalgic for an age before Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat - a time when technology played a lesser role in our social correspondence. Recording and interpreting life in its raw and unrefined state: the post-coital encounter in the bedroom, the heady euphoria of the party; the artist is interested as much in the situation itself, as in the choreography of that situation.

Each work relates to an incident or distorted reality that the artist has actually witnessed, imagined, or more often than not, actually experienced. 


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