Upcoming Exhibitions

Niches & Nuances

16 - 28 August 2021


Studio Nf01, Casting House

Deptford, London

SE14 6BN.

12pm to 8pm Mon to Fri,

12pm to 6pm at Weekends.






Instagram Live! Talks and Tours of the Exhibition:

Tuesdays and Saturdays at 12 pm BST.

In Person Guided Tours (Covid Protocols In Place):



Founded by artist and curator Laura Harris in 2017, N&N aims to raise the profile of the artists and allow both collectors and the general public to participate in viewing and purchasing the works on display and by interacting with the artists. We look forward to welcoming you to the exhibition.

Lindsey Barretto Self – taught English, Peruvian and Italian photographer, Barretto’s work is as colourful as her contagious zest for all things art. She travels extensively and her work reflects those experiences and collected thoughts. Her works are in collections in both the USA and the UK and at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2020. Lindsey Barretto lives in North London.



Laura Harris’s work is based around the female form and what it’s like to be a woman of a certain age. Working in oils, the artist is particularly interested in ideas surrounding female sexuality and societal norms. The insecurities, fears and hopes that women have for the future and achievements and regrets of the past. Each work relates to an incident or distorted reality that the artist has actually witnessed, imagined, or more often than not, actually experienced.


Marek Dutka’s main focus is the detailed exploration of space through patterned geometrical figures. The artist’s fantastic visions are given tangible form on canvas, eerily life- like in full colours. His paintings are in numerous private collections, including that of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Dutka was born in former Czechoslovakia and now lives in London.